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Write simple text notes and organize them in vertical tabs for fast and easy access.


Weather Bar Chart Widget

Be ready for the next heat wave or cold front. At a glance, see the maximum and minimum temperature range trend for the next few days.


Coming soon

Coming soon.

Files are saved on the memory card, either internal or external, in the base folder, the documents folder, or in the downloads folder.

Files can be saved as a collection of tabs in XML format or text format. Tabs can also be exported as text files (UTF-8 encoding format).

Access the Tab menu (either by clicking on the downward arrow in the partial tab panel or by clicking on the tab name folder marker at the top beside the collection name) then File, and then Export.

This is to indicate that long pressing the button will repeat the previous search.

In the Tab menu, click on Appearance and then Show Line Numbers. Also click on Appearance then Line Number Size to chose a larger font size.

Because vertically organized tabs are much easier to scroll with the left thumb and horizontally organized tabs are too easy to code (see pageviewer).

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